Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mac Blushes

The title pretty much explains it.  I own 6 blushes from mac, and I don't think I would buy anymore because I like Nars blushes better.  The only exception I would make is if Mac comes out with a limited edition collection and I end up liking the packaging O:-)

For swatches and thoughts keep reading...

Darkly My Dear

Out of all of my Mac blushes, this is my favorite. This is limited edition blush which came out with the Venomous Villains collection. The color is like a plumy brown.


This would have to be my second favorite. I don't look over done when I wear this blush.


I rarely reach for peaches. It's not that I don't like it, I just feel like other colors I have suit me better.

l-r: Darkly My Dear, Gingerly, Peaches

Warm Soul 
(Mineralized Blush)

This color is pretty, but I noticed that the sparkles from this blush makes my pores very noticeable and who wants that? I've seen other people rock it wonderfully but this is a no go for me. I like the color though.

The Soft Meow
(Mineralized Blush)

This blush was also limited edition. It came out with the Fabulous Felines collection.  I like this blush because even though its a mineralized blush, it doesnt enhance my pores.  I do not notice any sparkles when I apply this on my cheeks.

t-b: warm soul, the soft meow

Cherche Blushcreme

I believe this blushcreme is only available at pro stores.  I use this for contouring. 

t-b: cherche heavy, light

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