Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty Haul: May 2011

These are the things I bought this month (not including the hauls that I already posted about this month)

For a rundown of my haul, keep reading....

1. Emergencia Deep Conitioner: My mom got this for me because I was running low on my miss jessies deep conditioner.  This has mineral oil which I read was bad, but my friend swears by this so I wanted to give it a shot.
2. Boscia Black Mask: I feel like I have dull skin even though I am very oily around my t zone and I wanted a mask that might help me.  I picked this one because it seemed like it had a lot of good qualities. I don't know if I would buy it again because of the price. 
3. Biore Pore Strips: This is also my first time trying these strips and I've tried it 3 times already.  It's ok.  I have huge pores around my nose and it does take out my blackheads but since it doesn't cover the front of my nose, I'm left to wonder 'what do I do with the front?' 

4. Mac Duo-sided Sponge (foundation/powder): I haven't tried this out yet because I rarely wear foundation, but I thought it would be nice to have.
5. Sephora Wipes:  I got these because Mac was sold out of their bulk wipes.  I prefer the way the Mac wipes feel and i like the fact that it comes with 100 wipes.  I will say however that my skin hasn't been really breaking out, and i'm not sure if its because I switched the wipes but I will keep that in mind because I have not changed my skin routine.

6. Mac Blackberry Eyeshadow: I got this shadow because I saw this make up artist use this on the crease on a girl that was around my skintone and I liked the way it looked.
7. Clinique Cream Liner: This cream liner is water proof and raved about one of the youtube gurus that I watch.  I haven't tried it out yet because im not great with using cream/gel liners and i'm a little nervous -_- i will probably try it out tomorrow though.

8. Mac Hug Me: I back-2-mac for this lipstick again because my original Hug Me is running low.
9. Mac Ravishing: I also back-2-mac this lipstick.  I wanted freckletone, but they were all out so I got this one instead and I love the orangey/peachy/coral for the summer time :)
10. Mac Siss: I bought this a long time ago but I returned it because I didn't think it flattered me too much.  The reason I got it again is because I now play around with my lipsticks alot and know how to work em. I also wanted another nude O:-) 
11. Victoria's Secret Lipgloss: I had a 10 dollars off card so I just got this gloss which was also 10 dollars so I only had to pay tax. woo hoo!  I got the color in Embrace which is described as beige w/shimmer.
12.  Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Scrub: I wanted a lip scrub and one of the youtubers that I watch uses this one. Easy to apply straight to the lips and smells minty.

13. Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer: I got this hand sanitizer to get free shipping on and because I haven't had a hand sanitizer in a long time.  I usually get hand sanitizer during the summer time because I feel like I am touching more and always out & about. I don't really like this sanitizer because after I use it my hands feel like I need to wash them really  badly. I hate that feeling.  After this is done, i'm sticking to the Purell Sanitizer which is better for me and way cheaper :) 

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