Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mac Semi Precious Collection

This collection is a big one and everything is mineralized (except for the lip products). There are new Mineralized eyeshadows, mineralized skin finishes, mineralized blushes, lipsticks, cremesheen glasses, and even new brushes which are called split fiber brushes.

I'm not a big fan of mineralized things, so I only got 3 things from this collection. Lush Amber lipstick, Natural Flare cremesheen glass, and Pressed Amber Mineralized blush.
Since the brushes are also new and interesting, I also posted the pics of them from the mac website.

 Lush Amber
I'm liking this as a nude color because it is easier to apply without going over board since it is a lustre finish.  I have no color that comes too close to Lush Amber in my collection so I am glad for that.

l-r: lush amber, freckletone, siss, hug me, viva glam gaga II

Natural Flare
This is my first cremesheen glass and I love it! I love the consistency and how it applies so smoothly on my lips without much work on my end.  This is definitely going to make me look into cremesheen glasses more.

Pressed Amber
This mineralized blush has no shimmer which is awesome because mac's mineralized blushes with glitter makes the pore on my cheeks very visable.
When I applied this on my cheeks, it reminded me of my beloved Darkly My Dear blush which is weird because they look nothing alike in the pan.  I then noticed that Pressed Amber has swirls of a color that looks just like Darkly My Dear. Of Course Darkly My Dear looks more berry though.
Compared to The Soft Meow Mineralized blush, Pressed Amber looks more mauvey (?) while the The Soft Meow looks more brown.

The Soft Meow, Pressed Amber, Darkly My Dear

Swatches of all 3 :
l-r: Pressed Amber, Natural Flare, Lush Amber (you can barely see it lol)

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