Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Inglot Haul + Tragedy

I was interested in Inglot Cosmetics for a while now, But since I wasn't in need for new shadows, I stayed away. Recently, I wanted to play around with eye looks that involved pink shadows, and I realized I only had 1 matte pink shadow, Mac's Free to be, which is a coral-pink.
When I saw that Inglot had rainbow shadows I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get different shades of matte pink's just for 7 dollars!

I got a 3 empty palette, and 3 rainbow shadows, 7 dollars each.

l-r: 119R, 104R, 105R


I was trying to remove the shadows to rearrange it and it was an epic fail.  The crazy thing is that I was able to remove the pink and blue shadows fairly easy without harming it, but the green was a challenge and i lost quite a bit a product :( 

I love how the packaging looks, but Inglot needs to find a way to make it easier to remove the shadows. 


  1. Great palette :-) Sorry about your casualty... I hope you kept the broken shadow product & put it in a little sample jar as you could still use it, especially if you have Duraline.

  2. @KeLLSTaR

    unfortunately most of it fell on the floor -_- so i wasnt able to rescue it. It's ok though, I rarely use the color green so maybe itll last me long enough lol