Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Concealers

Mac Studio Finish Concealer - NC42
Mac Studio Finish Concealer - NC45
Mac Moisture Cover Concealer -  NC44
* Black Opal Flawless Perfecting Concealer - Tan

Mac studio finish concealer: this formula is thick and usually isnt recommended for under the eyes, but i have serious dark circles and i need to hide them somehow. The thickness makes it crease more so throught out the day i have to run my fingers lightly to smooth out the creases.  The nc45 concealer is too orange, and it noticeable on me because my cheeks are lighter than the rest of my face so the transition of concealer to my bare cheeks isn't so smooth.  nc42 give me the 'kim kardashian look' where it brightens up under ur eyes, but my dark circles turns ashy, so i barely touch this.

Mac Moisturecover concealer: this is a very lightweight formula and ideal for under the eyes, it doesnt fully cover my dark circles but the transition from the concealer to my cheeks isnt as harsh as the nc45 concealer.

Black Opal concealer: I must say, after I bought the black opal concealer (drugstore brand), I fell in love. It covers the dark circles under my eyes without the ashy look and it matches my skin the closest between all of my concealers. It's full coverage without being too thick, and it doesnt crease as much as the studio finish concealer by mac. This has become my hg concealer for now. and its way cheaper than mac. Only 4.99!

(i set all my concealers with mufe hd powder)

mac studio finish nc45, nc42

black opal concealer

l-r: black opal, mac nc45, nc42, moisture cover nc44 (limted edition)

top- bottom: nc44, nc42, nc45, black opal tan

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