Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets: Spice Lipstick

MAC came out with sets of corresponding lipstick, lipglass, and nailpolishes.  I'm not a big fan of MACs lipglasses, and I am not the type to spend 16 dollars on a nail polish so I was left with the lipsticks.  Only 3 lipsticks from this collection were limited edition but the only one I was interested in was Spice since I had the lip liner.

Spice Lipstick | Satin | Midtonal Neutral Nude
Spice Lip Liner | Matte | Pink Cinnamon Stick

The lip liner has a bit more red to it? and It is darker.  I don't understand why MAC has two different descriptions for this color. 

Overall I feel like this color is ok but its not the perfect nude that I am searching for.  I guess the search continues.... 


  1. Its really pretty though. Wish we had gotten it here in Trinidad

    1. It is, but honestly I do not think it is anything special