Thursday, May 24, 2012

MAC Hey Sailor Collection


MAC's Summer Collection, Hey Sailor  is finally here, and as big as this collection is, I only ended up purchasing 3 items.  

To Catch A Sailor

To Catch A Sailor Lipstick | Frost | Highly Frosted Tan


Crew | Highlight | Soft Peachy Cream with Fine Shimmer

When I took my MAC 109 brush and swirled it in this product it gave be a nice glow above my cheekbones.

167sh Brush

167sh | Face Blender Brush

MAC sh (short handle) brushes are the same quality as  MAC's long handle brushes.
Not to be confused with the poor quality of MAC's se (special edition) brushes which are brushes that comes in sets.

All of the items that I have purchased are limited edition.


  1. I've been dying to see to catch a sailor on a woc. It looks great on you.

    1. thank you! idk how i feel about it yet. My sister thinks it looks good but im just not used to this type of color on me lol