Monday, June 18, 2012

Lipstick Battle: MAC Spitfire vs MAC Up the Amp

Spitfire | Satin | Bright Creamy Magenta
Up the Amp | Amplified Creme | Lavender Violet

A lot of people questioned how close in color these two were when MAC released Spitfire with the Wonder Woman collection.  These 2 colors are nowhere near close. Since Spitfire is has a satin finish, it tends to stain your lips and lasts longer on the lips.  I found that Up the Amp disappeared from my lips rather quickly.


  1. I only have Up the Amp but now I regret not getting Spitfire. I agree up the amp doesnt last as long as other mac lipsticks

    1. Hopefully Spitfire will be repromoted in the near future. It seems like MAC tends to repromote Pinks And Reds more often though which sucks.