Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MAC Ruffian Collection: Ruffian Gold

MAC teamed up with New York design house Ruffian to create an online only mini collection which consists of 3 lipsticks and their corresponding manicure set.

                       Lipsticks | Ruffian Red, Ruffian Nude & Ruffian Gold
                       Manicure sets | Demilune, Demoiselle & Spectator  

I was going to skip this collection but when I started seeing swatches of Ruffian Gold layered over Ruffian Red, I just knew I needed Ruffian Gold to layer over my lipsticks.

Ruffian Gold | Matte | Gold Glitter Metallic 

With Flash (only way the true color showed in the tube)

Without Flash

With Flash

With Flash

Russian Red, RR + Gold , Spitfire, S + Gold, Pink Nouveau, PN + Gold,  Ruffian Gold

I couldn't capture the real beauty of layering Ruffian Gold Over these lipsticks, but it's just divine  :)  The color alone is a yellow gold.  Very beautiful.  If you want to spice up any of your lipsticks or just want to have a nice gold lipstick, Ruffian Gold is the way to go


  1. Just discovered your blog from Specktra and I'm loving it already. Great pics and straight to the point info.
    Ok so I saw Ruffian Gold at my CCO and passed on it but I am considering going back now that you mentioned layering it. Thanks for the tip!

    1. thank you :) i try not to write too much since I know people like pictures better lol. you should def get it!! and plus its cheaper since its at the cco lol