Saturday, June 16, 2012

Color Story: Orange You glad...?

The color orange seems to be trending every summer and I picked out some of my favorite oranges in my makeup collection that I think can go with every skintone.

MAC Electro | Lustre | Bright Orange

Electro was a limited edition lipstick but this is my favorite orange lipstick.  Its creamy and easy to put on the lips and its just a very pretty orange.

Maybelline Fierce & Tangy | Cream | Orange with fine glitter
MAC Rule | Matte | Vivid Orange
MAC Off The Page | Frost | Mid-Tone Mustard Orange

Maybelline's color tattoo in Fierce and Tangy is great for a summer orange because not only is it crease-proof, but you can wear it alone, or as a base for another shadow.  The color is buildable and in the pic I did a heavy swatch so you guys could see how intense it could get.  MAC's Rule is an awesome matte and you can pair it with just about any other color.  MAC's Off the Page is a limited edition eye shadow and I love that its an orange that gives off a yellowish sheen.

NYX Orange | Cream | Orange
NARS Taj Mahal | Shimmer | Burnt orange w/golden shimmer

Cream blushes are great for the summer time because they tend to last longer than powder and NYX orange cream blush is a cheap and good way to get your orange fix for the summer.  Taj Mahal is such a beautiful color.  The golden shimmer in it makes it wonderful for the summer.

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