Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inglot Concealer & Brow Wax

I had a chance to visit the Inglot store in New York City for the first time and ended up leaving with a  Freedom System 3 Round Palette, 2 concealers, and a brow wax.
The Palette 
First let me say that it was odd because I did not expect this palette to look like this.  On the Inglot website it is completely different and the palette looks more like the Inglot palette I previously got with the eye shadows here.
The palette came with an empty place to put a brush which is not included but I have not come across a brush small enough that can fit there and can be used to apply concealers.  
I was kind of bummed but I eventually got used to this packaging.  I also liked the fact that it came with a mirror so if I need to put on some concealer at a random place it would be much easier.
Brow Wax
Inglot's Freedom System brow waxes retails for $5.00 each and the color I got was 571. 
I got it because I wanted to have a good base for when I want to use eyeshadows to fill in my brows.  I have no complaints about this product but I don't use it because I have realized that I will never let go of my MAC brow pencil.
The concealers in the Freedom System also retails for $5.00 and the colors I got were MW101, and DW100.
I must say I love these concealers for my under eye area.  It is super creamy, blends like a dream, doesn't flake and I love that it does not have a matte look that most concealers have. I like the glowy look to it because if I do ever want a more matte look, its nothing that a little powder can't help. 
MW101 is too light for me and DW100 is a tad too dark, but mixed together it is perfection for my under eyes.
I'm not sure exactly how Inglot labels their concealers, but I am assuming:
L= light M=medium D=dark
W=warm C=cool
and the numbers are the higher they are the darker it is within the L,M,D shades.

l-r: Concealer: MW101, DW100 Brow Wax: 571 Concealers: MW101+DW100

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