Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inglot Nail Haul


So Inglot has a new nail polish formula which 'allows water and oxygen to pass through to keep nails in the best condition' . Supposedly this helps prevent the yellowing of the nails that can happen because of nails not being able to breath when you wear nail polish.  
I decided to just get colors I normally wear more often to try it out. If I fall in love with these I will definitely buy more. I'm bummed that I forgot to buy the base and top coat in this formula because now I have to wear it on its own since regular nail polish won't let my nails breathe.
 I also bought a regular nail polish and a toe separator.

Inglot o2m breathable nail enamel
126 - This isn't a breathable nail polish but  I bought this nail polish simply because I love wearing white nail polish but I can't seem to find one that won't look so flat and end up looking like white out.  I love the way it looked when I layered it over the white nail polish.

672 - I love this color.  It looks kind of metallic in the glass but once on you can barely notice the shimmer unless you look in the sunlight.  This keeps the color from looking so flat.  
613 - Same thing like the 672, it looks metallic in the glass but once on isn't noticeable.  I found that this new formula seemed kind of watery? but it was still opaque when I applied them.  2 coats was all I needed. 

Toe Separator - I never owned one of these so I figured why not just get it while I'm in there (ha)

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