Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KA'OIR Harlem Knight Lipstick

Apple Pie anyone? 
That was my first thought about the packaging when I received this lipstick in the mail.

Now, normally I do not wear crazy colored lipsticks like blues, and greens, but when KA'OIR 
Cosmetics came out with this lipstick I was really debating it.
What makes me want this blue over the other random blue lipsticks out there?? Teyana Taylor!
I love her style and she came up with this color so this is what made me ponder 
about this lipstick for a while now. 
I must say I was surprised that when I put it on, I actually saw myself wearing it out with no problem.
I think this color blue is very flattering on women of color.
The packaging looked similar to Inglots but the shape of the lipstick was something I have not seen before but in a good way.  It was easy to apply on the lips and the point of the lipstick
was great to refine the edges on your lips.

KA'OIR Harlem Knight

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Now, I will say I was bummed that I didn't receive the version where Teyana's signature 
was on the tube but it is my fault I waited so long to cave in and buy it.
This retails for $19.99 @

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  1. I've been eying this one for a while. Like you I'm a bit skeptical of 'crazy' colors too! Lol..

    You wear it well! Looks good on you! Thanks for sharing!