Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MAC Fashion Sets 2013 Haul & Swatches

Ablaze Lipstick: I'm not sure how I feel about this particular orange. I rarely wear orange lipsticks
so maybe that is why I am on the fence about this one.  It is a gorgeous
apricot color though.
Heroine Lipstick: Love this lipstick, I already own the original so I went ahead and bought myself  
a back up. 

these shadows were applied with MAC 242 brush and without base/primer.
Ablaze Eyeshadow: I love orange shadows and own so many so I was scared thinking I already 
had a dupe for this, but I have nothing like it! I love how pigmented it is
Silly Eyeshadow: This is a very light cool-toned pink and im surprised how it did not
give me a ashy look to my eyelids.  Like Ablaze shadow, it is also very pigmented 

Ablaze Lip Pencil: The pencil looks exactly like the lipstick and even though
I dont usually wear orange lipsticks, I feel like I would use this lip pencil quite a bit
Silly Lip Pencil: This is a cool-toned almost neon color and this is my first pink liner so that was
what encouraged me to pick it up. 
Heroine Lip Pencil: I love the lipstick so of course I needed the liner! :)

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  1. Beautiful collection, cant wait to get my hands on this!