Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MAC Lavender Whip & Raspberry Swirl

Mac came out, yet again, with another collection called Baking Beauties. I only got 2 items, a purple (of course) and a pink lipstick. I've been on the search for the perfect light pink without making me look like I ate powdered donuts and I think I have finally found it! 

Love, love, love this.  I have the original version which was first released in 2008 and I can honestly say that I like the new version better.
The first version was whiter, felt thicker, like a paste-like consistency.
please do not mind how messy the 2008 version looks.  It had broken and I was able to repair it.

The closest lipstick I had to Raspberry Swirl was Lady Gaga 1, but even then it did not look the same.
If i were to go by the swatches on my arm I would have picked Lady Gaga over Raspberry Swirl, but on the lips I like how Raspberry Swirl is more opaque, and paired with MAC Silly Lip Liner it looks great.

MAC really needs to slow down with their collections. I am started to get over all of these limited Edition items and having to scramble to get my hands on them. :sigh:


  1. This is a good review.

  2. I just put in my order for Lavendar Whip on Amazon. I tried through M A C and it was sold out!! Good Pics it helped me make my decision.