Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Melt Cosmetics: By Starlight Lipstick

Melt Cosmetics is a new cosmetic brand that launched this month and it was created by Rihanna's makeup artist Lora Arellano, and her friend Dana.
So far this brand only has 5 Lipsticks and they are all described as having an 'Ultra Matte' finish.
I am not sure if they will come out with other products like eyeshadows or blushes, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

The only lipstick I bought was By Starlight, A nice dark blue-purple color. The reason
I was so interested in this color was seeing it on Rihanna herself. I love purple lipsticks
and I love Rihanna so I knew this lipstick was going to be mine.  

 Melt By Starlight
 Melt By Starlight
Melt By Starlight

I heard some people saying these lipsticks were close in color, but as you can see by my swatches below, they are definitely not the same.
Melt By Starlight, Mac Heroine

Rihanna wearing Melt By Starlight

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