Friday, July 19, 2013

Disney Ariel by Sephora: Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 3 (Swatches)

blue lagoon: shimmering blue
scuttle: shimmering pinky beige
flounder: matte nude
sebastian: matte coraly pink
flotsam: deep blue charcoal

sea shells: shimmering ivory
les poissons: dusty satin mauve
caspian: shimmering rich turquoise
your voice: glistening silver pearl
unfortunate souls: matte lavender grey

atlantica: shimmering sea foam green
fins: glittery mermaid green
sick of swimmin': shimmering opalescent 
ursula: pearly purple
sha la la: matte dark fuchsia

triton: shimmering gold
wanderin' free: shimmering pink champagne
jetsam: deep teal with dark iridescent glitter
sea witch: pearly violet
treasures untold: opalescent pale pink


  1. The swatches look good. This palette is so pretty x

    1. it is pretty. im glad that there are colors that I actually like.

  2. So lucky! By the time I got on the site it was sold out. Please do a look using this palette. Thanks :)

    1. oh yes i will. i already know what I'm going to do its just a matter of when I will be able to do record it lol.