Friday, September 27, 2013

RiRi [Hearts] MAC Fall Collection

The third installment of Rihanna's collaboration with MAC Cosmetics has finally come and I picked up a few things (still missing 1 lipstick that I want but I will update this post after I get my hands on it).

My Haul:
  • RiRi Woo Lipstick has been released for the first two installments (RiRi hearts MAC & RiRi hearts MAC summer) and it will also be released again for the last RiRi collection which is RiRi hearts MAC Holiday.  This has been the only red lipstick I have been wearing and I wanted it in special packaging.  For Riri Woo swatches you can look at my first post HERE.
  • Nude Lipstick is a tricky, unique matte color.  Its a taupy brown type of color and although I see it look awesome on other people, I'm just not sure I really like it on myself.
  • Talk that Talk Pro Longwear Lip Pencil was not on my list initially because I was gunning for the lipstick version of this color but when I went to the MAC store they said they did not receive shipment for it (little did I know they did have it but they didn't realize they did until after I left the store GRR!) So I grabbed the liner instead. I do love this color which is making me anxious to get my hands on the lipstick version.
  • Hibiscus Kiss Blush Duo was on my list only for the packaging. My sister has the version that was released during the summer launch and when I tried it, it performed poorly and was not showing up on my skin so I wasn't expecting much.  Boy oh Boy this baby is beautiful! This version is actually more pigmented than the summer launch. The brown side looks like a great neutral blush on me and the pink side is so pigmented and pretty. It was hard for me to really capture how pigmented this was.
  • Bad Girl Gone Good Blush was something I was on the fence about but I caved in and bought it.  Its a nice peachy brown type of color that can go with any makeup look. No complaints about this really... I also forgot to take pictures of this swatched on my skin but I will update later when I do.
  • 187se Brush is a nice brush to have if you like collecting special packaged items or love Rihanna.  The brush hair is a very very light pink instead of their usual white which I thought was cute. As for the quality, the brush is super soft, maybe a bit too soft but I do not own the full sized version that MAC has so I can not really compare if they are still the same quality.  I haven't tried it with my pigmented blushes but I will update as soon as I do.
Ok now on to the good part.. PHOTOS! woo hoo!..

 mac nude lipstick
mac nude lipstick
mac talk that talk pro longwear lip pencil

mac hibiscus kiss blush duo
mac hibiscus kiss blush duo
mac hibiscus kiss blush duo
mac bad girl gone good blush
riri hearts mac 187se brush


  1. Replies
    1. I really love it! It shows up on my skin no problem. And I don't have a blush like it. I usually stick to pinks with my blushes

  2. I wish I had purchased the Nude lipstick but MAc empowered is looking like a great dupe.