Wednesday, October 5, 2016


  • Selena | is described as an intense pearly violet with a veluxe pearl finish.  Selena's favorite color is purple so I'm happy they named this after her.  This is a very pretty purple and I feel like it would look good across all skin tones. 
  • No Me Queda Mas | is described as a warm dusty brown with a matte finish.  I have to say that this color surprised me.  It felt so smooth with no problems with the application.  On my skin the color felt like it leaned more on the neutral side instead of warm which I really like.  
  • Fotos Y Recuerdos | is described as a bright warm pink with a satin finish.  This color doesn't really pop when I applied on my skin.  I needed to layer it a lot in order to get the color look the way it looked in the pan.  Still a pretty color but I don't think I would have gotten it if it weren't for the name. 

MAC Selena Eyeshadow

MAC No Me Queda Mas Eyeshadow

MAC Fotos Y Recuerdos Eyeshadow
MAC Selena Eyeshadow


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