Wednesday, October 5, 2016


  • Techno Cumbia 
    • Ven Conmigo | is described as a beige pink with a matte finish.  This color is very light and it looks a lot like Nars Douceur blush on my skin except that Douceur has slight shimmer in it so it doesn't looks as flat matte as Ven Conmigo.
    • Blunt | is described as a muted golden brown with a matte finish.  I don't really like the color on my cheeks because for some reason it pulls red.  This color you can get anytime because it's part of MAC's permanent line. 
  • 129SH Brush | is an all-purpose brush for blush or face powder with the limited edition purple Selena design.  The brush feels soft which I wasn't surprised about because The only thing that I didn't like about this brush is that the number of the brush isn't anywhere on it.  I know it's nothing major but I liked how Rihanna's 187sh brush with MAC had the number on it & so to me this brush just looks a bit unfinished in its design.

MAC + SELENA Techno Cumbia 

MAC + SELENA Techo Cumbia

MAC + SELENA 129Sh Brush

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